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We provide transportation for our puppies and have had one 100% success with puppies traveling all over north America. Transportation costs are usually around $450.00 above the cost of the puppy. Arrangements can be made by contacting us. We personally handle all travel details to guarantee the puppy is provided safety and the utmost respect.  

We keep our goldens happy and healthy by feeding them the finest quality feed and supplements designed for life long health and wellness. 

Health Guarantee

We guarantee a clean bill of health for all our puppies. 

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"Chupp’s Peaches and Cream"

Peaches is a very loyal and protective mother. She is known for her sweet temperament and her obedient heart. Her temperament is on the quiet side and she does an excellent job of being a mom. She has multiple champions in her pedigree and has ancestors in Poland. She joined our family as a puppy and has been a blessing to us ever since.

Weight 65 pounds

Health  Information

  • OFA Hips - Excellent

  • OFA Elbows - Normal

  • OFA Heart - Normal

  • DM - Clear

  • GR-PRA1 - Clear

  • GR-PRA2 - Clear

  • ICH  - Carrier

  • MD  - Clear

  • prcd-PRA - Clear

  • NCL-GR- Clear

Peaches  Puppies