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OFA Certified & Genetically Health Tested Parents

European Cream

The Boys

Dark American
Male: European Cream Golden
Male: Dark American Field Golden
Male: Dark American Field Golden

The Girls

Female: European Cream Golden
Female: European Cream Golden
Female: Dark American Field Golden


Female: Dark American Field Golden
Female: Dark American Field Golden
Breed Information

Golden Retriever Breed Information

The European Cream and Dark American Field Goldens are not separate breeds but simply different color variations and styles of the Golden Retriever dog breed.  With these two color variations we can provide diversity or exclusivity in our litters depending on the breeding choice amongst our adult dogs. As beauty is in the eyes of the beholder each color appeals differently to each individual dog owner.  The darker color dogs tend to be a favorite amongst sporting enthusiast and the European style is more popular with families and companion oriented owners.  Neither style is exclusively bred for such purposes. Ultimately it comes down to each individual breeder and owner preferences as to which color and style is preferred.  Be sure to contact us if you have any questions about our dogs and our breeding practices. 

Javin's Irish Setters

Irish Retrievers

Javin, our oldest son has a special place in his heart for Irish Retrievers. This dog is the result of a crossbreed of Irish Setters and Golden Retrievers. The result is a more dark mahogany retriever coming from the deep red setter, with the gentle demeanor of the golden. These highly intelligent, easy to train dogs will win your heart at first site. Pulling genes from two different breeds will result in very strong genetics promising great health and long lives.

Female: Irish Setter
Female: Irish Setter
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