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First of all, we are retired and have owned goldens for 30 plus years.  We have never had a problem dog and we loved them all equally.  In our opinion Charlie is an outstanding puppy who is now about 8 months.  He is as handsome as you could find and his health has been fantastic.  His demeanor around humans and other animals is exceptional bordering on perfect.  He is unafraid and loves other animals and any human he meets.  He is one of the most intelligent dogs we have owned and loves the water.

I will go back to this breeder without a doubt for several reasons:

They immediately responded with any questions we had during the purchase process.  They adjusted to our schedule of pickup as we live in Virginia.

They provided guidance on food and medication which totally impressed us on the accuracy of their knowledge of their dogs.

They stayed in the loop with us as I would send them pictures and information as Charlie grew and they always responded.

Most important Charlie was exactly as described. The breeders are totally honest and transparent and I think you can tell by the pictures that he is extremely well bred.

- Jim, Virginia


Female: Dark American Field Golden


Male: European Cream Golden
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