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Trouper is our sixth golden retriever in our family. two of the six were found through classified ads in local papers, and three of the others were adopted through the G.R.I.N. (golden retrievers in need) rescue organization. trouper is our only dog purchased through a breeder. and it was a wonderful first-time experience for us. 

We were greeted warmly by Jeremy and his young family during our initial visit to the farm to view the remaining puppies in the litter. the barn, where the puppies were kept, was clean and the puppies appeared very well taken care of. we were granted full access to the puppies, as well as the barn and grounds to meet the sire. trouper’s mother, “kate”, was the family pet and therefor had free reign to roam the property, preferring to stick close by the barn and the puppies. each time we arrived at the farm, trouper had been given a fresh bath and we were free to spend as much time with him as we wanted. 

The purchasing process and filling out of forms was painless and well organized. the breeder credentials, as well as documentation of the veterinary visits, was all up-to-date and provided to us at the time of purchase. the pricing was quite competitive and fair. 

All in all, we would highly recommend using this breeder when in search of a golden retriever puppy. they are so kind and treat the puppies so well. it was a wonderful first-time experience for us and we will certainly consider purchasing another golden from them if we are ever in “the market” for another. you never know...7 is a lucky number after all, yes?



Female: Dark American Field Golden


Male: European Cream Golden
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