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Come Meet Our Golden Retriever Puppies!

Welcome to Glory Dawn Goldens!

Hello, we are Steven and Kaitlyn Miller. We also have a one year old daughter Nevaeh Sue. We are located near Orrville Ohio. We have been breeding golden retrievers since 2016 and launched Blue Chip Companion in 2022 with the idea of expanding our reach outside our local community and friends. We are however excited to be switching gears and partnering with Jeremy and Glory Dawn Goldens to promote this amazing breed further than we ever could on our own.

I, have always been in love with golden retrievers and when the opportunity came to partner with Jeremy, I knew that this was exactly what I want to do for the rest of my life.


Why Choose Us?

We Are Family

Our Dogs truly are family and we care for them as God's creation with love and respect . We invite you to come visit our home and get to know us.  

Feed & Nutrition

In all of life nutrition is so important. Our dogs are no exception. They are fed top quality dog feed and 5 supplements and immune boosters.

Selective Breeding

We have a high standard of breeding qualities that our dogs meet before they enter our breeding program.

Travel Experience

As much as we love meeting our puppies' new family we are happy to say we've had great success with with our puppies traveling all over north America.

Clean Bill Of Health

It is rare to find Goldens with a complete clear sheet on all genetic disorders. We have been blessed that many of our dogs cleared all genetic testing.

  Friends & Referrals

We have been blessed with many of the families adopting our puppies, becoming our friends. They've been willing to share testimonials. Thank you!

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