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*Please Note* You can reserve puppies from upcoming or current litters using the PayPal payment option above. Reservations are on a first come first serve basis. We will allow you to choose your puppy in the order that the reservations are received. Please indicate your puppy preference by male/female or the name of the puppy given on our available puppies page. Reserving a puppy requires a nonrefundable deposit of $200. The balance is due at pick up or before delivery of your puppy. As required by law we charge 6.5% sales tax for puppies picked up from our home. We do provide travel for our puppies and have had great success with travel all over North America. Travel costs are usually around $300 to $600 above the cost of the puppy. Please contact us with any further questions.

How To Reserve A Puppy

EXERCISE! We cannot stress enough that this wonderful breed thrives on exercise! Goldens were created to run free with the breeze blowing in their fur. They were designed to hunt and retrieve, play hard, and swim. They love water, nature and wildlife. Chasing birds and butterflies, & rabbits is natural. Goldens are most content when these needs are met. They are famous for their great personalities and dispositions. That can change when they are kept in close confinement and do not experience what their Creator created them for. Your Golden companion will achieve his utmost potential in demeanor and disposition when he's offered plenty of activity, exercise and natural environment! Please do not consider this breed if you cannot provide these needs.

Submit A Payment

If you prefer online payment use this "Buy Now" button to complete an online payment for delivery arrangements if needed, and or final payment for your new puppy. Payments can also be made when you come to our home in person. Use the Puppy Reservation form above to make a reservation deposit to reserve on one of our puppies.

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