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Glory Dawn Goldens


Hello, we are Steven and Kaitlyn Miller. We also have a daughter Nevaeh Sue. We are located near Orrville Ohio. We have been breeding golden retrievers since 2016 with the idea of expanding our reach outside our local community and friends. We have Glory Dawn Goldens to promote this amazing breed.

I have always been in love with golden retrievers and I know that this was exactly what I want to do for the rest of my life. Dogs have always been the focal point of my life and now to have the ability to breed and raise dogs with the genetics and bloodlines Glory Dawn has to offer is such a blessing to me and us as a family. Training and socialization of dogs and puppies is a passion of mine as well and what I feel is the biggest contribution I can bring to the table.

We do early neurological stimulation with our puppies as well as take them through the Puppy Culture Training Program. This program includes exposure to as many sounds, sights, and smells as we can provide in a positive environment. It also includes an introduction to crate and leash training. We strive to provide new puppy parents a puppy with a great start to mental development and social behavior skills.

We as the breeder can provide a great start through careful breeding practices and our puppy pre-training program but after the puppy leaves our home the ultimate responsibility falls on you. For a dog to thrive and live the life that it was bred to have, the new puppy parents have to make sure to spend the time that is needed to develop a relationship with their new puppy companion. We hold this expectation on ourselves as well as with our adult dogs.

With daily walks, grooming sessions, and playtime we build companionship and develop the friendly temperament Goldens are most known for. The time we spend with our adult dogs also plays a huge factor and benefits our breeding program. We know each dog inside and out and are therefore able to match the best male to the best female considering their temperament and genetics. This increases the chances of raising happy healthy puppies that will be everything and more that you dream of when you select your next puppy companion. 

Please do not hesitate to call us and we will be happy to answer all your questions. We love to show clients around our home and show off our adult dogs. We also enjoy getting to meet you and your family as we start a partnership with you through the adoption of one of our puppies. Thank you so much for your interest in Glory Dawn Goldens and we can’t wait to meet you. Thank you and God bless.    


Steven and Kaitlyn Miller

Glory Dawn Goldens

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