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Glory Dawn Goldens

Welcome to Glory Dawn Goldens and the Chupp family! We are a family of seven, Jeremy, Celesta and 5 beautiful children. We live in a quiet country  property in rural Ohio. Surrounded by hardwood forest, the small clearing at the far end of the property offers us a serene secluded setting giving our children and the dogs plenty of room to roam and play.

Our family started raising a few litters of Border Collies back in the year 2000, but with Jeremy’s devoted heart for Goldens, we as a family are now exclusively raising Goldens. The temperament and demeanor of these dogs stole our hearts long ago. In our opinion there is no dog that has a more kind, gentle, personality than Goldens.


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Jeremy has always had the mentality of doing things right. So committing all of our hearts into the research we are devoted to only raising healthy dogs.

For that reason our dogs are only fed top quality dog feed and 5 supplements and immune boosters. See our feed and nutrition page for more information on the brands and products we trust.

Our breeding dogs also have to meet a high standard of genetic qualities before breeding them. Our Goldens are bred only if they have OFA health testing qualifications in their pedigree. All of our dogs are genetically free of Muscular Dystrophy, all eye diseases and free of ICH the skin disorder that is well known to Goldens.

We breed both the American Golden, and the European Cream Golden. Our puppies are all well socialized spending time daily with our family. Puppies all go to their forever homes with vaccines and wormer up to date. East Holmes Vet Clinic approves and certifies all puppies with a clean bill of health before you take them home.


It is rare to find Goldens with a complete clear sheet on all genetic disorders. Statistics say less than 20%. We have been blessed with several of our dogs holding the rare rating of being completely clear! We do have several that are carriers of the Ich gene. Being Ich clear  is  rare, and statistics show that only through careful breeding practices and research, clear dogs can be bred together of the same breed that are genetically clear of Ich. The chance of them coming from the same gene pool is possible. Resulting in puppies with weak genes and low immunity. The carrier gene bred to a clear gene never results in effected offspring. The result will always be clear or carrier. Therefore we have no effected dogs or puppies. Please contact us with any questions or to schedule a visit. We’d love to have you stop in to see us at Glory Dawn Goldens!


Wishing God’s blessing upon you and yours.

The Chupp Family


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