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Tramin Ace

Male: Golden Retriever

AKC Registered

Meet Ace one of our boys here at glory dawn goldens. I don't try to make a habit of having favorites among our adult dogs but Ace makes it really hard not to do so. He has such a sweet laid back temperament and he was so easy to train. He especially loves to take long walks through the woods or to the pond and he loves little kids as well. Our young daughter always wants Ace to go along if we take a walk in the evenings after a day's work is done. Ace is completely clear on his genetic testing and he passes all the OFA tests for the golden retriever breed. Both his parents won titles for confirmation overseas but I don't believe you should breed a dog on confirmation alone and that is the special thing about Ace. He has got the genetics confirmation pedigree and all the personality traits that make the golden retriever such a beloved dog breed. We are blessed and honored to call him our own.

Health  & Registration Information

  • OFA Hips Preliminary - Fair

  • OFA Elbows Preliminary - Clear

  • MD - Clear

  • DM - Clear

  • ICH  - Clear

  • prcd-PRA - Clear

  • GR-PRA1 - Clear

  • GR-PRA2 - Clear

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