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"Tranquil Jade’s Sunrise GD VA ALZIMM"
American Golden Retriever

Jade is our young and handsome golden retriever male! As a dark field golden his breeding will result in the “dark” golden puppies. We searched for a long time to find him and we are extremely excited about him siring litters with our girls. The “dark” golden traces back to the original more slender thinner coated dogs that were used for hunting purposes. These dogs are exceptionally smart and very easy trained. These dogs are more active than the European Golden but have the same loving temperament. Jade is a very good looking young guy and full of fun!

Weight 67 Pounds

Health  Information

  • OFA - Hip Good 

  • OFA - Elbow Normal

  • OFA- Heart Normal

  • ICH  - Clear

  • MD  - Clear

  • prcd-PRA - Clear

  • DM - Clear

  • GR-PRA1 - Clear

  • GR-PRA2 - Clear

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